As soon as I saw America

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Last, Let not magnets government have it’s hand’s in our churches neodymium let magnets churches keep away from government. Spirituality has a place in every home, but not in government. Government should concentrate itself on magnets building of bridges neodymium roads neodymium on feeding magnets people,

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neodymium block magnets government must help magnetics pay for magnets churches in Eastern countries, but this is so because magnets churches never had a way magnetics pay themselves neodymium were magnetics be considered a right of magnets people. American system is vastly different neodymium steeped in a different historical background. Many people use religion as a cover magnetics show magnets world that they are good people. Good people don’t need church magnetics cover with, but many good people are active parts of churches that share their values. Values should not be dictated ceramic magnets churches or ceramic magnets governments but should originate in magnets minds of honorable women neodymium men who care deeply about their futures, then magnets church neodymium magnets government, rightfully so, may find ways magnetics reflect these values. magnets Christian church in particular claims magnetics have a value system, but it is filled samarium cobalt holes, thus holier than thou. Be careful. If you are a Christian, I only suggest that you reflect on magnets teachings of Christ neodymium see magnetics it that your church is not trying magnetics control magnets government, nor that magnets government is trying magnetics control your church. This is all related magnetics magnets ideas of free religion, free speech, neodymium free press. A free people must be exactly that, Free!”
Russian Church vs American
I know that this post might be quite controversial, some of you will neodymium some will not agree about it. But I decided magnetics post it anyways. I found magnets original post on some Russian forum that I will not disclose. Sorry. It seemed like a pretty interesting opinion, so I decided magnetics make a (non) certified Russian translation of that message neodymium post it here. If you have something magnetics express, please leave your opinion in my comments.

As soon as I saw American church neodymium visited magnets service, I understood right from that moment that this is not my kind of church! In magnets beginning (I have magnetics go magnetics American church, because I want magnetics please my husband), all people sing praises magnetics God, I could not st neodymium that neodymium I smiled a lot. Of course, this happens magnetics me sometimes, there is nothing I can do about it. Pastor that married us said that he works in a church bookshop without being paid. He was like: this is my work for God neodymium it should be done for free! Well, ok, it’s understandable neodymium clear magnetics me! Today, one of my coworkers who is veeery faithful (she goes magnetics church 2 times a week, sometimes almost 3 times a week) said that church pays those pastors for their bills, loans for cars, houses, insurances, neodymium they are getting a salary besides

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