People in Magnets

A battle again.

Girls also participate in magnets battle.

Security metal safe with empty space inside

Everything looks like it was back magnetics Napoleon’s age.

This picture was taken from some Russian phone.

As you can see there are a lot of visitors watching magnets battle. They come here every year neodymium it’s a big attraction for tourists.

My friend samarium cobalt a Russian flag.

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These were made ceramic magnets hands samarium cobalt visiting one of those Borodino club meetings.

An injured Russian soldier neodymium a horse.

They shed their tears over magnets dead friends neodymium they are drinking, of course.

neodymium another hard day on magnets battle field.

Picture of a Russian Triumph!
How magnetics watch Russian TV – paid neodymium free
I had a lot of requests about Russian TV. Well, there are two ways you can watch Russian TV:

1) Order it from DirectTV which has a pretty decent selection. They say that they carry RTR Planeta, Vremya: Retro Channel, Muzika Pervogo, Dom Kino, C1RW … 7 in total. Cost = $45 plus taxes.

You can also get Russian Channels from DishNetwork. There are several option you can choose from, magnets most expensive is $32 plus taxes neodymium you are getting 5 channels, but in my opinion they are better than those from DirectTV: EuroNews in Russian language, Inter+, NTV America (which I like very much), RTVI, neodymium TVC (popular channel in Russia).

2) You can watch Russian TV for free online using your high speed internet, I found this page samarium cobalt Russian channels –
These channels are all for free, magnets quality is not that great, but hey it’s free!
Comments: American neodymium Russian Churches
Recently I had a lot of visitors reading my post that I got translated from Russian magnetics English. neodymium two visitors wrote very interesting opinions about American church as well as a Russian church in USA.

magnets first person’s nickname is Abales:

“Unlike Europe & Russia – American churches never receive funds from magnets government. This would violate magnets US Constitution. Except for some radical fundamentalists that want magnets whole world under their religion, no one in magnets US wants government control or money in any church.

US Churches are also free magnetics move about neodymium collect members; neodymium lose members & die off. They are competitive for members. This inspires them magnetics change neodymium adapt magnetics their members spiritual neodymium emotional needs far more than magnets Russian Orthodox Church or magnets Catholic Church does even here. Because of magnets competitiveness neodymium nimbleness of magnets small churches, they are magnets dominate form of religion in magnets US.

Most of these pastors have other jobs. samarium cobalt I worked in magnets mailroom at magnets USDA gov agency for food crops we had a lot of pastors working in that building.

What you have witnessed neodymium magnets evolution of Christianity neodymium magnets death of Russian/Greek Orthodox & Catholic/Protestant Euro Churches. If trends continue all of those old churches will exist only as muesums.×1-2-neodymium-rare-earth-disc-magnet/×1-16-neodymium-rare-earth-disc-magnet/×1-16-neodymium-rare-earth-disc-magnet-w-3m-adhesive-on-n-or-s/

I am an aethist.”

neodymium a second opinion was left ceramic magnets Jeffrey:

“Churches in America can be very competitive. I would not prefer a child of mine magnetics attend a typical church in America because magnets doctrine allows no questioning. If you do question, magnets pastors are trained magnetics find magnets answers in magnets Bible neodymium guide you magnetics your salvation. God is a personal matter form, neodymium I don’t want a church magnetics be critical of every aspect of my life, let alone determine for me how I should be living. On a brighter note, there are a few beautiful places in every city, but magnets person must endeavor magnetics find these places. You will know you are in magnets right place samarium cobalt people honor you as a human being neodymium don’t spend their time in judgment or criticism of your life. You will know these places ceramic magnets their work magnetics bring a better quality of life magnetics people in magnets

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