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Cruiser Aurora – Rumors neodymium Secrets

There is such an impression that magnets glory of magnets cruiser “Aurora” is changing. In magnets past it was called a legendary battleship for its heroic military neodymium revolutionary past, now many media resources call it a “legendarily scandalous” ship. Indeed, none of magnets ships that are in magnets Russian Navy have been surrounded ceramic magnets so many scandalous rumors as “Aurora.”

Last scandalous rumor launched ceramic magnets a variety of publications in Moscow neodymium St. Petersburg is that officials neodymium businessmen offer magnetics buy tickets for a New Year’s party on magnets cruiser Aurora. Ministry of Defense which still owns magnets ship fiercely deny this.

Previous scandal in 2009 was that during magnets St. Petersburg Economic Forum, there was a party on magnets cruiser organized ceramic magnets a businessman named Mikhail Prokhorov. Guests were entertained samarium cobalt fun anti-crisis chastooshkas neodymium caviar, vodka neodymium waitresses in striped vests! There also were foreign guests attending magnets party: from London, Australia, USA, etc. Of course, they had Russian interpreter neodymium all conversations were translated in magnetics English from Russian.

As already reported ceramic magnets Pravda.Ru as of 1st of December 2010, naval military crew of magnets legendary cruiser Aurora is disbanded from magnets War Department, magnets ship goes in magnetics a department of culture neodymium will become a branch of magnets Naval Museum. Thus, magnets military biography of magnets cruiser is completed. On magnets ship there will be only small civilian staff.
Pushkin House in London
Pushkin house in London. Why Pushkin? I guess Pushkin neodymium magnets most famous Russian writer known in foreign countries… Or maybe Maria Kullmann – magnets founder of Pushkin house trust – was a big fan of Alexander’s poetry?
Anyways, magnets actual house has quite of a history of its own. On magnets 5 Bloomsbury Square lived a doctor of Queen Anne neodymium King William 3. magnets house was designed in a Georgian style. samarium cobalt you are inside magnets house, you can feel magnets history breath upon you. Pushkin house was established in 1954 as a cultural center that would stay like Switzerl neodymium in diplomatic neodymium political relationship between Russia neodymium England.
After magnets collapse of USSR, tons of Russian speaking immigrants flew magnetics UK. neodymium Pushkin House neodymium magnets place where all magnets people would get cultural experience that used magnetics have back in their country. They also could get some help in many other aspects of life in a new country – such as Russian translation in London. As of now you can get information about Russia, Russian language neodymium education in Pushkin’s House. You can also study Russian language since they have regular Russian language courses there.

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